What can the demolition industry learn from 2023?

Here, D&Ri has gathered together five of the most insightful comments made by demolition industry leaders from around the world this year. While some are issue specific and others are more general, it is our hope that these quotes will provide you with both points on which to reflect and with ‘food for thought’ that may help you in the year ahead.

1. “I honestly don’t know that there is going to be an explosives demolition industry in the United States in ten years.”

~ Mark Loizeaux, Owner and President of Controlled Demolition Inc, reveals the impact litigation is continuing to have on demolition and dismantling contractors in the USA.

2. “He did retire once.
It was probably about five years ago and then he rang up on the following Monday asking if he could have his job back.
He still goes out every morning. He’s on site before everybody else and he leaves after everybody else.
We could do with 50 more of him.”

~ Adam Blake, Director of HWM Group, speaking about the company’s longtime employee Jack Butcher, who at 86 years old is still doing what he loves. 

3. “There is no longer any place in the world for an industry that does not care about the environment. For this reason, a serious decontamination process is increasingly seen. And I think it will continue to increase more year after year.”

~ Fábio Bruno Pinto, at Fabio Bruno, disccusses the rising demand for decontamination services and highlights the importance of the shift towards more environmentally friendly practices, and what it could mean for contractors that fail to take action to their operations more sustainable.

4. “We actively pursue hands-on mentorship and training, in particular regard to high heach operations, ensuring that operators are at the ready, when required.”

~ Kate Bester, Contracts Manager at Jet Demolition, speaking with D&Ri earlier this year on how the company addresses skills development and operator training. 

Jet Demolition's Hitachi high reach excavator on an industrial project site Jet Demolition has been undertaking industrial projects since 1994. (PHOTO: Jet Demolition)

5. “I want to be part of the solution... So if we can support other people to see that vision, I think that’s a positive thing.”

~ Miguel Lambert, president of USA-based recycling company Repurpose Aggregates, on educating both the both public and industry professionals in the wider construction industry about the benefits of using recycled building materials.

Miguel Lambert, president, Repurpose Aggregates Miguel Lambert, president, Repurpose Aggregates. Photo: Repurpose Aggregates

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