World Demolition Awards shortlist - Contract over US$1 million

D&Ri recently announced the shortlists for the World Demolition Awards, which will take place on Wednesday 18 October in Toronto, Canada, as part of the World Demolition Summit.

Congratulations to the following companies who made the Contracts over US$1 million shortlist.

A crane lifting components from the Hay Point Terminal (PHOTO: Liberty Industrial)
World Demolition Awards 2023 - Contract over US$1 million shortlist

Delsan-AIM, Canada
PROJECT: Lambton Generating Station Demolition Project
CLIENT: Ontario Power Generation Inc.

Delsan-AIM undertook a major, twenty-nine-month project involving the demolition and removal of buildings, equipment, and above-ground structures at a former coal-fired generating station located in Courtright, Ontario, Canada.

The project scope included part of the original powerhouse that consisted of four  sections of the building, which housed the boilers. Each section had a footprint of 20,000 sq ft and a height of 220 ft. In addition, there were two, 175-ft-high selective catalytic reduction converters; two 211-ft-high absorber buildings; three , 550ft-high concrete stacks; as well as miscellaneous secondary buildings.

The decommissioning work entailed the removal and disposal of designated substances and hazardous materials, which took place over a nine month period and included extensive asbestos abatement work and dust cleaning in the four  remaining boiler bays.

Delsan-A.I.M. utilized explosives to simultaneously demolish the boiler bays, the selective catalytic reduction converters and the three stacks in accordance with an engineered blast plan to protect the public and site personnel as well as the environment, existing infrastructures, and nearby neighbourhoods.

Despe, Italy
PROJECT: Evos Opertion Entrée de Ville Ouest Supérieure, Monaco

The “Entrée de Ville Ouest Supérieure” project located on a cliffside in Monaco was divided into two main blocks. The privately owned Block A comprised the construction of superstructure with seven levels of housing, tertiary surfaces, access and common areas, as well as private parking in the basement over six levels.

Block B, for which the State of Monaco was the contracting authority, involved the construction of a public parking lot in basements beneath a private collective building, a second public parking lot with 15 infrastructure levels on the State property, as well as three levels of offices, roofs and landscaped terraces.

Despe carried out the demolition of existing reinforced concrete greenhouse structures and the excavation of approximately 300,000 cu m of material using different excavation methods, depending on the altitude and the type of material present. Despe was responsible for securing the cliffside, which was maintained at its full height to form a natural barrier to protect the superstructure of Blocks A and B, and the demolition of the reinforced concrete structures of the old greenhouses.

Liberty Industrial, Australia
PROJECT: Hay Point Terminal - Disassembly & Disposal of Shiploader and Berth 2
CLIENT: McConnell Dowell

Liberty Industrial, engaged by McConnell Dowell, was responsible for the decommissioning, disassembling, demolishing, and disposal of the redundant coal-handling infrastructure at the Hay Point Terminal. Due to the limited availability of heavy lift-capable berths on the east coast of Australia, the majority of the infrastructure was transported interstate for demolition via a heavy lift vessel. Liberty Industrial initiated the offloading and dismantling process of over 5,000 tonnes of materials. The team utilised self-propelled modular transporters and a 1,100-tonne jacking system to safely handle and lower structures, which weighed up to 1,080 tonnes and stood 28 meters tall. The company used a 120-t high reach excavator to dismantle the infrastructure components, many of which had to manually processed using demolition oxy cutters.

Target Contractors, United States
PROJECT: Abatement/Demolition of Marshall Space Flight Center, Building 4200
CLIENT: US Army Corps of Engineers, Huntsville

Completed in June 2023, Target conducted the abatement and implosive demolition of Building 4200 at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), which is located at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. The facility was a historical building that was built in 1961 and served as the headquarters for NASA’s administrative functions.

The project saw Target Contractors carry out extensive asbestos abatement - which comprised over 25 types of asbestos-containing material and the disposal of 1,148 t of the hazardous materials, and interior demolition to prepare the facility for implosion. The first building implosion in the 82-year history of Redstone Arsenal company, the project required the contractor to coordinate activities among 13 separate and distinct Federal agencies in order to complete the works.

Thompsons of Prudhoe, United Kingdom
PROJECT: Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Plant, Redcar
CLIENT: STDC (Teesworks)

Covering 4,500 acres on the banks of the River Tees in the North East of England, Teesworks is Europe’s largest brownfield site. A portfolio of demolition projects was formed across the site to remove all structures to make way for the new development works. The largest of them being the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS) Plant which covered an area of 378,000 sq m with buildings/structures spanning more than 520 m long and 70 m high.

Thompsons of Prudhoe’s BOS Plant project involved a full range of demolition methodologies. The contractor carried out mechanical demolition, push/pull downs, hand demolition, pre-weakening, crane lifting operations and explosive blowdowns - including the largest blowdown to take place in the UK in the last 75 years - and hazardous material removal.

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