Which demolition contractors have seen the highest turnover since 2020?

This year’s d&ri100 – the industry’s global listing of demolition contractors by turnover – was announced in the July-August 2022 print and digital issues of Demolition & Recycling International magazine.

Ahead of bringing you the final table online, we’re going to look at some of the other key facts and figures from d&ri100 2022.

Here, Demolition & Recycling International reveals the top demolition 10 companies who have seen the highest percentage increase (in US$) in turnover since 2020. 

Excavator clears away rubble after demolition works Excavator clears away rubble after demolition works. (Photo: Adobe Stock)
10 - Avenir Deconstruction

Location - France

Turnover change since 2020 +23.08%

2022 d&ri100 position - 42

2021 d&ri100 position - 49

2021 turnover - $46.77m

2020 turnover - $38.00m

France-based Avenir Deconstruction, who also operate in recycling and crushing, have moved up seven places since the last d&ri100, and have seen significant turnover improvement since 2020. 

Having posted a turnover of $38.0 million in 2020, the company saw an increase of 23.08% in 2021. 

9 - Max Wild

Location - Germany

Turnover change since 2020 +24.75

2022 d&ri100 position - 9

2021 d&ri100 position - 16

2021 turnover - $157.22m

2020 turnover - $126.54m

In 2021, Max Wild showed its demolition expertise in what was described as a ‘spectacular’ project in the south of Germany. The old Saar Bridge at the Saarlouis motorway junction has been replaced by a new, modern bridge with a higher capacity.

The plan for demolishing the older bridge was to break it down into sections that could be placed on pontoons and floated to a crushing facility on the riverbank.

To disconnect the lateral cantilever arms and the concrete slab between the two hollow boxes, the company used a 40 t excavator with a Kemroc cutter wheel attachment.

Its involvement in projects like this means it breaks into the top 10 in this years d&ri100.

8 - Deconstruct UK
Demolition project Deconstruct UK break into the top 20 in this year’s d&ri100. (Photo: Deconstruct UK)

Location - United Kingdom

Turnover change since 2020 +38.06%

2022 d&ri100 position - 20

2021 d&ri100 position - 25

2021 turnover - $93.01m

2020 turnover - $67.37m

2021 saw London-based Deconstruct UK post a turnover of just over $93m. Aided by several domestic projects, including work on St Bartholomew’s Hospital, the company says that it continues to invest in further growth opportunites. 

The company also announced several appointments last year, as it aims to continue its focus on sustainability. As a result of its 2021 performance, Deconstruct UK finished 20th on the d&ri100.

7 - DDM
DDM demolition project The Dutch company has several projects in its books, which has seen its position in the d&ri100 rise. (Photo: DDM)

Location - Netherlands

Turnover change since 2020 +40.81%

2022 d&ri100 position - 46

2021 d&ri100 position - 64

2021 turnover - $41.61m

2020 turnover - $29.55m

Backed up by several projects in Europe, Dutch company DDM saw its turnover increase by $12m in 2021.  

The dismantling, demolition and relocation specialist primarily operates in Europe but has projects further afield. These include the dismantling and demolition of major chemical plants and oil refinery turnaround services in the Middle East.

DDM finished 46th in the final d&ri100 table, up 18 from the previous year.

6 - Dem-Master

Location - United Kingdom

Turnover change since 2020 +42.90%

2022 d&ri100 position - 43

2021 d&ri100 position - 58

2021 turnover - $46.67m

2020 turnover - $32.66m

Dem-Master operates within Scotland - in which it is based - and the rest of the UK, and provides demolition, decommissioning, deconstruction, dismantling, asbestos removal and site clearance services.

Projects the UK company carried out in 2021 included the St James Centre and Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh as well as Glasgow’s Queen Street station and Western Infirmary.

Having posted a turnover of $46.67m, an increase of 42.90%, the company managed to break the top 50 of the table.

5 - Ferraro Group

Location - Germany

Turnover change since 2020 +43.31%

2022 d&ri100 position - 18

2021 d&ri100 position - 12

2021 turnover - $139.96m

2020 turnover - $97.66m

According to the company, its continued investment in expanding its fleet to meet the challenges the demolition industry has faced over the past few year, has been a factor in its strong performance this year as it finished 12th in the d&ri100.  

Last year Ferraro Group announced that it was taking delivery of five Sennebogen 830 E demolition machines, as well as a 6300 HD Demolition duty cycle crane. 

4 - Ambigroup

Location - Portugal

Turnover change since 2020 +49.75%

2022 d&ri100 position - 52

2021 d&ri100 position - 76

2021 turnover - $39.10m

2020 turnover - S26.11m

According to Portuguese company Ambigroup, which works in the demolition and waste management sectors, growth in 2021 can be attributed to work on several projects both domestically and in neighbouring Spain. 

This includes the dismantling of the Portuguese Carregado Thermal Power Plant. The company also has ongoing work on energy plants in Spain. 

Ambigroup placed 52nd in the table. 

3 - Liberty Industrial
Demolition project The turnover of Liberty Industrial increased by +57.58% in 2022. (Photo: Liberty Industrial)

Location - Australia

Turnover change since 2020 +57.58%

2022 d&ri100 position - 53

2021 d&ri100 position - 81

2021 turnover - $37.96m

2020 turnover - $24.09m

Deconstruction and remediation company Liberty Industrial are currently involved in several projects, including the Gove Refinery demolition, decontamination, and disposal project and Argyle Diamond Mine closure.

In December 2021, the Australian company announced that it had expanded operations into the UK market with a view to exploring further opportunities in Europe in the future. 

The company finished 81st in the table, with a turnover for 2021 of $37.96m.

2. Wahl Group
Wahl machines on a demolition project Wahl machines on a demolition project. (Photo: Wahl Group)

Location - Germany

Turnover change since 2020 +70.88

2022 d&ri100 position - 18

2021 d&ri100 position - 26

2021 turnover - $102.77m

2020 turnover - $59.85m

According to Wahl Group, 2021 saw it continue to navigate the meaures brought in due to the pandemic. The company says it succesfully brought new work processes in, which helped it towards a positive year.

Its involvement in the Ahr-valley project, which saw it work on the clean up operation after the area was destroyed by floods, was one project that stood out from 2021.

In this years d&ri100, the company posted a turnover of $102.77m and placed 26th, down eight from last year.

1. Brown and Mason
Fawley boiler house demolition

Location - United Kingdom

Turnover change since 2020 +166.22%

2022 d&ri100 position - 32

2021 d&ri100 position - 94

2021 turnover - $54.07m

2020 turnover - $20.31m

Highlights of 2021 for UK-based Brown and Mason included the blowdown of the Fawley power plant in Hampshire in the south of England, and the demolition of the Rugeley plant in the mildands, which was built in the 1970s and comprised two 500 MW coal-fired generating units and four 117 m (383 ft) tall reinforced concrete cooling towers.

Brown and Mason is reported to have a recycle rate of 98% across its projects. Despite finishing 32nd in the table, the company achieved a 166.22% increase in its turnover for 2021 when compared with 2020.

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