Tips to attract and retain demolition workers

03 August 2022

Looking to attract new workers to your demolition business? Or perhaps you’re planning to focus on retaining the talented staff already in your team? Kelly Friel, digital product manager for industrial tool and PPE (personal protective equipment) supplier Zoro, shares her advice on how you can do both.

Worker monitoring demolition works New technology could make the industry more attractive to new workers. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The construction sector as a whole is booming, and it’s set to thrive even further in the coming years. Construction is doing so well, in fact, that over a quarter of a million extra workers are needed in the industry by 2026 to keep up with this staggering demand according to the Construction Industry Training Board. And, this of course also means a lot more workers for the demolition businesses in the industry.  

Attracting workers in this sector is particularly important right now, as the current construction skills shortage is likely to impact niche sections of the industry, including demolition.

So how can your demolition business attract and retain the most talented and dedicated workers? The good news is that with the following tips, you can create a thriving team of hard-working and passionate employees who will help your business bloom.

Find new ways to advertise to workers

In order to attract new employees, it’s vital that you make yourself visible to them. Advertising on the main jobsites is important, and a great way to reach a wider audience. But don’t forget to post job roles on more specialist sites too.

There are a number of construction jobsites to choose from, as well as demolition specific sites.

And don’t leave it all up to your future employees to find you. Going to skilled workers directly is a great way to get their attention, so they’re much more likely to take notice. Ask the people you know from other demolition businesses if they happen to be aware of any skilled ex-employees who are between roles. You can also headhunt workers digitally on LinkedIn. Many construction workers use this platform, so it’s a good idea to make the most of the site.

The benefits of a career in demolition

As a demolition business owner, you will no doubt know all there is to know in the industry. But members of the general public who may be looking for a career change are likely to know very little, so why not share your knowledge and expertise with them?

Not only does this give you a chance to correct any misconceptions about the industry and explain how it is different from other construction roles, but it gives you a chance to appeal to potential employees directly.

Ensure you have a stand at jobs fairs, and don’t forget to attend school careers days to attract a younger crowd to the industry. Share the range of roles on offer in the industry, from demolition labourers and operatives to health and safety managers. Take the time to explain exactly what a day in demolition might look like, and highlight all the best aspects of the industry.

Wherever you decide to showcase your role, make sure to bring business cards with your current contact information on. It may also be worth having a small freebie with your company logo on so people remember your stand, like a pen or a biscuit.

Diversity in demolition

While it’s long been a male dominated industry, globally more and more women are considering joining the demolition industry. So, make the most of this opportunity by appealing to women and other underrepresented groups in the sector to create a more diverse workplace.

Diversity is an important consideration for many potential employees when searching for a business to join, and by hiring a wide range of people of different genders, races, and backgrounds, you are ensuring that your business is an attractive place to work and appealing to an even wider group of people.

A good way to show your demolition business is welcoming is by having diversity at every level of the company, from the workers to the management team. As well as making future employees from different backgrounds feel more welcome, it also demonstrates that there’s growth in the sector for future and current employees.

Make demolition safety a priority

While a career in demolition should be a safe job, there are sadly too many deaths in the industry and in the construction sector as a whole. But with the right tools and PPE for your staff, you can ensure that you keep them as safe as possible.

Show your workers that their safety is your top priority by regularly testing the quality and condition of their equipment, and immediately remove faulty gear from the site to make sure that no one ends up using it by mistake.

Protect your workers and make it clear that safety is a priority for your business by displaying clear, appropriate signage throughout the site. You should also ask for regular feedback on how you can make the site even safer for employees, with the option to submit anonymous comments for those who may not want to bring up the topic with you face-to-face.

Emphasise the industry’s exciting future

The demolition industry has been through a particularly successful period over the past decade, with revenue reaching particularly staggering highs in 2017. While these highs have steadied off now, industry revenue is still in a better place than it was in the early 2010s, and it is set to be steady for the following few years too.

On top if this, there are so many exciting things happening in the industry right now, such as innovative technologies like GPS enabled earthmovers, as well as important new challenges to take on, like the task of making the industry more sustainable.

With so much set to be going on in the industry for the next few years, new employees will certainly never get bored. So, tell your new potential team members all about it! Write blog posts on the industry’s exciting future on your website, explain what’s on the horizon for the sector at careers events, and host a talk with your current employees about the future of the industry to keep them engaged and excited about their roles.

There’s a positive and busy future on the horizon for the demolition industry. If you’re looking for new team members to help you make the most of this opportunity, or keep the dedicated and talented staff you have, the tips above should help you do so. 

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