Surprise! “One-size-fits-all” legislation does not fit

The National Demolition Association (NDA) in the United States has released its 2024 National Policy Agenda, outlining its advocacy agenda for the demolition industry in the upcoming year.

The organisation, which this year will celebrate its 50th anniversary at its annual convention and expo in San Antonio, will focus on ten policy areas, with workforce development, labour and human resources, and workplace health and safety at the top of the agenda.

James Milburn, President of NDA, said: “The National Policy Agenda serves as an important guide and resource for policymakers as they work to address the greatest challenges facing the country.

“The United States demolition industry supports policies that will sustain economic growth, encourage workforce development, ensure workplace safety, and foster environmental stewardship.”

In advocating for the demolition industry, the NDA has been particularly vocal in warning US policy makers to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach, which it says “often has unintended consequences and constrains economic opportunities” for both workers and businesses.

On the topic of workplace safety and health, the NDA’s Policy Agenda states that federal agencies “must fully consider the costs and benefits of proposed regulations prior to proposal to ensure that federal and private resources are utilized effectively to improve safety”.

The association, which recently renewed its five-year partnership with OSHA (US Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to develop safety and health training resources specifically designed for the demolition sector, added that it “opposes overly burdensome recordkeeping requirements that unduly burden small businesses”.

“Government regulations should balance effective safeguards with feasibility and fairness to the regulated community,” it said.

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The NDA’s concern about “one-size-fits-all” legislation also applies to the Department of Labor’s proposed increase to the overtime pay eligibility threshold.

“The NDA opposes any increase to the overtime pay eligibility threshold that does not factor into consideration regional variations in wages and cost of living, would decrease workplace flexibility, or make it more difficult to develop future managerial talent”, the policy document says.

Other areas of focus in its 2024 Policy Agenda include tax policy, environmental stewardship, healthcare, disaster response, procurement transparency and fairness, trade, and infrastructure.

“Broadly, the United States demolition industry supports policies that will sustain economic growth, encourage workforce development, ensure workplace safety, and foster environmental stewardship,” said the association.

“Burdensome taxes, excessive regulations on business activity, and labor shortages are just a few examples of issues that significantly impact the demolition industry. NDA believes businesses have the right to determine, within the boundaries of the law, what is best for their employees and organization.”

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