New scheme aims to combat C&D waste

Sustainable construction company Dura Products has announced the launch of a new scheme to combat construction and demolition (C&D) waste, of which the United Kingdom generates over 60 million tonnes a year.

Its Hire, Reclaim and Reuse initiative enables its recycled plastic kerbing and drainage solutions to be rented for a fixed length of time before being reclaimed and used again on future projects.

Dura Products recyclable kerbing Dura said the Hire, Reclaim and Reuse scheme is the next logical step for the company

Dura Products have been manufacturing sustainable road kerbs since 2003. But with around one-third of waste sent to landfill coming from the demolition of buildings, the company said it has extended its focus to the recyclability of its solutions.

The Hire, Reclaim and Reuse scheme aims to keep polymer waste in use for as long as possible to create a multiple recycling loop system that has a compounding positive effect on the environment.

Dura believes this scheme will be essential for short-term construction projects as it will provide an eco-friendly solution to the inevitable waste produced by the demolition of temporary infrastructures. Instead of discarding the materials, every Dura Product unit will be recovered and reused.

“We are incredibly excited to launch this initiative,” said Dura managing director Steve Bennett.

“The scheme will be adopted within our environmental policy, developing over time with each uptake. To propel the construction industry towards a more sustainable future, we must be eco-conscious at every stage of development to ensure we get the maximum life out of the resources we use. Our new scheme, aimed at extending product life ever further, is the next logical step for us to take.”

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