NDA starts beta testing new certification

The National Demolition Association (NDA) in the United States, has announced the start of beta testing for its new Certified Demolition Supervisor (CDS) certification, which is described as “a pioneer program within the demolition industry”.

A person with a digital overlay of exam areas (IMAGE CREDIT: By AREE via AdobeStock)

The certification “recognizes individuals who have demonstrated competence in all aspects of demolition, including safety, environmental, operations, and people management”.

According to the industry association, “Each CDS is accountable for all aspects of a demolition project site, from planning and permitting to execution and clean-up. This designation promotes safe and quality practice through its ongoing requirements for professional growth in the demolition industry”.

Over 60 volunteers are already lined up to beta test the pass/fail exam, with additional testing and application windows scheduled to open up later this year. The industry association said it “encourages demolition contractors to consider sending staff and colleagues to take an upcoming exam”.

James Milburn, President of the NDA, said: “Each year, the demolition industry in North America loses some of its most senior field supervisors to retirement. This, combined with a general shortage of workers, has created a need for owners, insurance companies, and employers to have a way to validate field supervision experience in a more unified way.

“The CDS certification will allow demolition professionals to elevate themselves, their employers, and the demolition industry as a whole by formalizing our minimum requirements to be considered a competent and professional demolition supervisor.”

Aiming to upskill industry professionals and raise the bar in the industry while addressing the skills gap, the qualification intends to help industry professionals gain the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful demolition supervisor, and to help them get ahead in their careers and demonstrate their commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.

Peter Banks, Chair, Certification Board of the NDA, TRM Demolition, said: “The CDS certification is the most comprehensive demolition certification in the industry, designed to help demolition professionals advance their careers and demolition companies gain a competitive edge in the bidding process.”

James added: “The certification will change the face of the industry in North America and will soon become a must-have for project owners, municipalities and general contractors when prequalifying demolition contractors and evaluating proposals,” Milburn said.

To learn more about the CDS certification or how to join NDA, visit www.demolitionassociation.org.

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