Let’s talk about digitalisation, says EDA

Digitalisation is one of the topics of greatest interest in the demolition sector and in society in general.

It is a topic that we used to always talk about in future terms, but for a little over a year now, we have been talking about it firmly in the present.

EDA Circular Econony The EDA is working on a series of guides covering various aspects of demolition and recycling

The extraordinary situation we have experienced in the last year and a half, since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, has made digital part of our daily lives more than ever. We have learned to do everything with a screen in between, even in cultures where physical contact was practically fundamental.

In short, we have gone digital. We have digitised our jobs, our relationships, our celebrations and even some of our household chores. And we have managed to make the analogue and the digital coexist harmoniously in a present that has evolved significantly.

In this sense, and if you are interested in digitalisation in the field of demolition, we have good news. EDA Yearbook 2021, focused on this important topic, is now available.

The new edition of this publication, which is already well established, covers in its 120 pages the views on this subject of different actors, such as national associations that are members of the EDA, other national associations or the media. It thus provides a comprehensive and complete picture of digitalisation in the demolition sector.

Through informative articles, this publication brings the subject closer to a wide and not necessarily specialised public. And, of course, it brings the association and all the initiatives it is carrying out closer to this public as well.

In the pages of the yearbook, there is also space to review all the projects that EDA has launched in recent times. These include the webinars that have been given during this year or reference publications that have been recently launched, such as the guides about carriers and attachments for demolition and recycling.

To reach as many professionals as possible, copies of the yearbook have been sent to member companies, national associations and partners in recent weeks. The Yearbook will also be distributed during the year 2022 at the various trade fairs and events attended by the association.

The end of the year is approaching, but that does not mean that we at the EDA will stop working. In fact, we are finalising the details for the launch of a new publication that aims to be a reference document on another subject of high interest to demolition professionals.

The guide about construction and circular economy aims to show the involvement and key role of DDR (demolition, decontamination and recycling) activities in the circular economy system. And its main objective is to help national associations and specialist contractors to use the new language of circular economy and to position our industry as essential stakeholder of the solution.

In addition to this publication, EDA is already working on guides to end-of-life industrial facilities and couplers for demolition and recycling.

We continue to work to share our knowledge and to make our industry more and more professional, more specialised and stronger.

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