Komatsu expands hydraulic breaker range

Equipment manufacturer Komatsu has introduced its JMHB-V breaker series to help customers’ impact energy and performance in a variety of demolition applications.

The 100% hydraulic-fired V-series breakers modulate their impact force and frequency with up to 16 working positions to match most application’s requirements.

Komatsu JMHB-V breaker The breakers can operate in up to 16 positions

Designed to help maximise productivity while helping lower cost per tonne, the breakers are also fitted with an innovative energy-saving recovery valve that recuperates energy to drive efficiency.

Depending on the application’s hardness, V-series breakers automatically select the best piston stroke length and speed. By adjusting to either hard material, with long and powerful strokes, or to softer material, with shorter, faster strokes, the breakers can achieve high production output, with little wasted impact energy.

Standard features include automatic greasing, advanced blank firing protection, swivel hose couplings and heavy-duty housing.

The shock-dampening systems in the form of upper and lower suspensions are said to help reduce the risk of cracking excavator booms and breaker housings, while the mounted standard automatic lubrication feature helps guard against contamination caused by dust and debris.

Inspection kits are included with gauges to measure wear on all critical components.

Additionally, these breakers are backed by the Komatsu North America Attachment Division, a dedicated hydraulic attachments sales and service team that supports Komatsu distributors.

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