Jet Demolition collaborates on End-of-life facilities report

Jet Demolition has collaborated with the European Demolition Association (EDA) on the End-of-life of industrial facilities report, which intends to act as a best practice guide for the demolition of industrial facilities.

The EDA report features guidance from scale demolition contractors, asset owners and industry specialists, with the view of highlighting the main challenges and risks of such projects, steps and solutions to take and the relevance of working with professionals.

The end-of-life of industrial facilities report gives best practice advise to facility owners. The report gives best practice advise to facility owners. (Photo: Jet Demolition)

The report is aimed at facility owners, who, according to Jet Demolition, will need to plan, implement and monitor the complex projects, with many of their sites currently subject to shutdown, decommissioning and dismantling as they reach the end of their lifespan.

According to South Africa-based Jet Demolition, which provides specialised demolition services to large industrial and mining facilities, the report shows that specialised companies in demolition of industrial facilities “play an important role as partners of the facility owners, such as power plants, nuclear plants, chemical, oil and gas facilities.”

Kate Bester, Jet Demolition Contracts and Project Manager, who acted as a coordinator on the report alongside José Fernandez, the owner of Spain-based demolition company Lezama Demoliciones, said, “José and I had the privilege of working with this select group of specialists under guidance from the EDA to prepare the report.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all contributors for their invaluable insight and for engaging in open and constructive dialogue relating to industry best practices.

“We trust that this guide assists asset owners, consultants and contractors to make informed and proactive decisions relating to the end-of-life of these facilities.”

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