How to recycle building materials on construction sites

The European Demolition Association (EDA) has released a free technical report, publishing the Recycling Equipment for Construction and Demolition guide.

The EDA's guide to recycling equipment (PHOTO: EDA)

The guide, which is intended to help contractors with limited experience of recycling construction and demolition waste, aims to support the growth of circular economy in the construction sector.

It illustrates how using the right equipment and machinery on construction sites can help both demolition and general construction contractors improve the amount of building materials they are able to process.

The EDA said: “The 21st century imagines people with enormous ecological challenges. Therefore, topics like recycling, the circular economy and the rapid decline of natural raw materials are more present than ever.

“With this guide, EDA would like to contribute to supporting the circular economy in the construction sector; the use of the right equipment and machinery on the construction site is shown so that the separation of materials into pure material flows is facilitated or made possible.”

Topics covered in the guide go beyond giving insights on the type of demolition, recycling and attachment products that can be used. It also looks at the training of personnel, regulatory frameworks and covers operational procedures.

Marcel Kerkhofs, who coordinated the report and is a longstanding EDA member, said: “We hope this guide will help you to integrate recycling into your demolition project, either on-site or off-site. Either way, we hope the advantages of recycling convince you to recycle as much as possible in the most economical way.

“This guide will give an indication of which equipment and machinery can be used for the separation of materials into several material flows. It gives basic guidelines and recommendations for the used recycling technology without being conclusive.”

Looking to the future, Marcel added: “New technologies and work methods will help us further in achieving our goals of a circular economy and I am convinced within a decade we need to rewrite this guide.”

The Recycling Equipment for Construction and Demolition guide is available both online and in print versions. Click here to gain access to the EDA report.

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