Holcim launches scalable ECOCyle technology platform

Holcim has launched a new circular technology platform called ECOCycle, which the company’s CEO says enables the building “build cities out of cities”.

Holcim ECOCycle logo

The new platform helps to improve the efficiency of distributing, processing, grinding and recycling construction demolition materials into new building products.

According to the company, materials such as concrete, cement and aggregates that incorporate ECOCycle contain between 10% and 100% recycled materials.

The technology is currently being deployed across Holcim’s range of material products to scale up circular construction, reducing its use of natural resources and helping to lower the harmful effect of construction activities on the environment.

Jan Jenisch, CEO at Holcim, said: “Across all metropolitan areas where we operate, we are at the forefront of driving circular construction to build new from the old.

“With our ECOCycle technology we can build cities from cities, recycling 100% of construction demolition materials into new solutions, so everything gets reused and nothing gets lost. With our world’s growing population and urbanization, circular construction is essential to build a future that works for people and the planet.”

Holcim is already using ECOCycle on several large-scale projects in Europe. In France, 100% ECOCycle recycled concrete is being used in the construction of an affordable housing complex and in the United Kingdom half of the aggregates being used to build a new residential area are Holcim’s ECOCycle Aggregates, which are made from 100% recycled construction demolition materials.

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