BossTek launches dust cannon for bad weather

BossTek has introduced a new atomised mist cannon, specifically designed to suppress demolition site dust in “unfavourable weather conditions”.

BossTek's new DB-60 Surge The DB-60 Surge is mounted on a heavy-duty trailer for towing. (Photo: BossTek)

The DustBoss DB-60 Surge features a high-pressure spray nozzle that can propel water at high speed, an industrial fan and a misting ring system.

It offers three operating modes designed for moderate, windy and high wind weather conditions, and can project water through the wind up to 76.2 m (250 ft) to suppress both surface and airborne dust.

According to BossTek, the water spray delivered by the DB-60 not only resists wind shear, but also “uses the force of the wind to further fragment and carry the droplets, enhancing its dust suppression capabilities”.

Speaking of the model’s development, Mike Lewis, BossTek dust control specialist, said: “Several customers described their challenges in suppressing dust during demolition of high-rise structures.

BossTek's new DB-60 Surge The dust suppression cannon combines a high-pressure spray nozzle, an industrial fan and a misting ring system. (Photo: BossTek)

“Some of them use attachments that can be mounted on a high-lift boom, but that can bring its own complications.”

To overcome these complications, the DB-60 Surge delivers up to 500 psi (27.5 bar) of water pressure to its centre spray nozzle, with an output of between 37 to 100 gal/min (140 to 378 l/min).

It also features a customisable 359-degree horizontal oscillation range and a throw angle that can be adjust within a range of 0 to 50 degrees, which enables operators to “raise the spray angle to reach extended heights” where demolition tasks are being carried out.

The dust suppression cannon, which is also suitable for construction and demolition waste and recycling sites, metal scrap sites with recycled material mounds, is operated via a remote control with a 305 m (1,000 ft) range.

The BossTek DB-60 Surge The DB-60 is fed by a standard 38 mm (1.5 in) hose with a cam-and-groove quick disconnect coupling. (Photo: BossTek)

This enables users to operate the unit without leaving the cab of the machine they are working in.

BossTel said the DB-60 also eliminates the need for the “high water output associated with a hydrant-dependent hose or industrial sprinkler system”, which contribute to high water usage and costs.

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