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Doosan's new mini
Doosan has introduced the new 1.9 tonne DX 19 mini excavator
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D&Ri reports on some of the latest additions to manufacturers’ ranges of compact construction equipment to be found on today’s demolition sites
Mustang's new compact excavator
Mustang has introduced the 250Z compact excavator into North America to replace the 270Z
Bobcat to preview 1.2 tonne mini excavators
Bobcat will give a first view of its new E17, E19 and E20 compact excavators at the 2015 Executive Hire Show
Hitachi reaches 200,000 mark
Hitachie recently handed over its 200,000th mini excavator to German custoer NEWO-BAU
Kobelco zero tailswings arrive in Europe
May will see the arrival of three new mini excavators to enhance the product range offered by Kobelco Europe
Volvo unveils concept compact
The GaiaX is the latest concept machine from Volvo - in this case a compact excavator
Yanmar’s new compact excavator
The 2.6 tonne SV26 is the final addition to Yanmar's range of ultra-short radius mini excavators
Komatsu offers twin auxiliary circuits on mini excavators
Komatsu is now offering customers the option of adding factory-fitted double auxiliary circuits to its MR-3 mini excavators.
New E26 zero tailswing mini from Bobcat
Bobcat has introduced a new zero tailswing mini-excavator to its range - the 2.6 tonne E26
Komatsu introduces 5.2 tonne mini
Komatsu has introduced a new 5.2 tonne mini excavator into the European market in the shape of the PC55MR-3
Bobcat adds 3 tonne minis
New from Bobcat are the 3 tonne E32 conventional tail swing and E35 zero tail swing mini-excavators
Kobelco's baby high reach
For sale in Japan only, Kobelco offers a 4.3 tonne mini excavator with a reach of over 8 m for demolition
Mustang's new zero tail swing excavator
Mustang has added a fourth zero tail swing compact excavator to its range in the shape of the 5,886 lb (2.6 tonne) 2803ZT
Bobcat goes micro
Micro-excavators are a popular demolition tool, often used inside buildings. Bobcat recently launched two new models, which are available optimised for this role. Lindsay Gale reports
Zero heroes
One in three construction machines sold in Europe is a mini excavator, and increasing numbers of these are short–and zero tail swing machines. Chris Sleight reports on the latest developments in the industry's favourite equipment sector
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