Valdeau’Mat: A Pioneering Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling Plant in France

21 May 2024


French company Valdeau’Mat is making significant strides in sustainable waste management with their recently opened C&D waste recycling plant. This innovative facility utilises advanced wet processing technology from CDE Group to divert construction and excavation waste from landfills, promoting a circular economy in the region.

Reduced Landfill Use, Increased Resource Recovery: The CDE waste recycling plant boasts an impressive capacity, processing up to 320,000 tonnes of waste materials annually. This translates into recovering valuable resources and preventing the extraction of over 225,000 tonnes of virgin quarry materials each year, the plant is the first of its kind in the Nord region.

A Sustainable and Efficient Operation: Officially accepting external excavation waste since March 2024, the 4.5-hectare site is meticulously designed for optimal functionality. A custom-built wooden building houses the CDE processing equipment, while designated areas manage incoming materials, finished products, and vehicle traffic. The facility also has the distinctive feature of being scalable over time in terms of product quality, by adding stages in the classification of sands.

Environmental Responsibility at its Core: Valdeau’Mat demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. The facility utilises a 3,000 cubic meter rainwater harvesting system for the recycling process, significantly reducing freshwater consumption. Additionally, solar panels on the building’s roof generate 1 MWhc of clean electricity, contributing to the plant’s energy independence.

A Range of Recovered Materials: Currently, Valdeau’Mat produces five distinct output materials: two types of sand (0-2 mm and 0-4 mm), mainly reused by all the Group’s network companies, and three aggregate fractions (4-8 mm, 8-20 mm, and 20-80 mm) processed for use as hydraulic road gravel. The plant generates 300 tonnes of filter cakes daily.

Official Site Opening: An upcoming site opening will offer visitors the opportunity to meet the Valdeau’Mat and CDE teams, see the CDE equipment first-hand and learn more about Valdeau’Mat’s commitment to sustainable waste management.


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