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Collapsed bridge demolition enters new phase
Spanish authorities begin dismantling the piles of the O Castro viaduct
Priestly Demolition makes the WDA’s civils shortlist
VIDEO: How the rapid demolition of a four-lane bridge went down
Demolition begins on 1.5 km long bridge
Kiewit West removes main span of Gerald Desmond Bridge, as part of US$60 m project
California bridge set for $60m demolition
Kiewit to dismantle and remove the old Gerald Desmond Bridge using a barge
Historic Long X Bridge demolished
See how Veit & Company carried out this historic North Dakota bridge
Sydney traffic bridge demolished
VIDEO: watch Mainline, a winner at the World Demolition Awards 2021, takes down the Windsor Old Traffic Bridge
Moss Abbruch Pilzhochstrasse demolition, Ludwigshafen
Specialist contractor takes down bridge in challenging project in south-west Germany
City Circle Grieve Parade Bridge Demolition
Australian contractor’s third demolition as part of the Melbourne West Gate Tunnel project
WDS 2020 – Fagioli Morandi Bridge demolition
Business development manager Andrea Gazzola describes this special project
City Circle demolishes multiple bridges
City Circle demolishes pedestrian and vehicular bridges as part of major infrastructure projects in Australia
Deconstruction schedule for Montreal bridge announced
Canadian state organisation JCCBI publishes timetable for demolition of Montreal’s old Champlain Bridge
Wende demolishes viaduct
 A 70-person demolition team takes down 35 m (114 ft) high bridge in Germany
Above and below for Tappan Zee
A US consortium turned to Measurtronics marine technology in final phase of a bridge deconstruction
Wind turbine repurposed to build bridge
Renewable energy components help reconnect rural communities after flooding destroys bridge in the UK
Vernazza dismantles bridge in 130 hours
Disassembly of old railroad bridge is first job for Vernazza Autogru’s new Demag CC 3800-1 crawler crane
Bubble, bubble, bay untroubled
Atlas Copco Rental oil-free compressors created an underwater safety buffer zone for wildlife during the implosion of a pier in the USA
PTS Demolition just the ticket for railway
Successful removal of bridge during major civil engineering project means railway can flood-damaged structure and look to expand the network
Robot cutters at work in St Petersburg
Aquajet robot cutters clean concrete from top of bridge pylon at St Petersburg on rental contract
Ahead of the game
ERSI successfully completed the demolition of the Corona overpass in southern California, where Routes 15 and 91 cross, 11 hours ahead of schedule
Bay Bridge deconstruction
D.Ann Shiffler from sister title American Cranes & Transport reports on the painstaking dismantling of the old San Francisco Bay Bridge
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