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Webinar Recording: Demolition Equipment Challenges
Listen in as three top names from demolition – Ryan Priestly, Marcel Vening and Riccardo Viaggi – get together online to discuss this vital subject
Construction and Demolition Waste: Recycling in the 2020s
In the video, industry experts from recycling, waste management and North America’s leading trade association in the sector discuss the impact of Covid-19 and future solutions 
Demolition after Coronavirus
Industry experts from contracting, manufacturing and Europe’s trade association discuss the impact of Covid 19 and future solutions for the sector
Adam Safran at the WDS 2019 - Full Presentation
Keynote speaker discusses Saudi Aramco’s demolition programme at the 2019 World Demolition Summit.
WDS 2019 KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Adam Safran, Project Unit Supervisor, Saudi Aramco
Establishing a demolition programme for Saudi Aramco
WDS 2019 - Fàbio Bruno Pinto, Managing Director, Fàbio Bruno USA
Imploding the Crystal Palace Hotel and Casino Complex in the Bahamas
WDS 2019 - Ian Bartels, President, Budget Demolition
Pulling down the Mosaic Stadium in Saskatchewan using computer simulation
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